Friday, November 26, 2010

Make Your Shop Elegant With The Innovative Store Signs

Some of the most valuable real estate in your furniture store is your store signs. If you have been in business any amount of time, then you already know that good store signs is the key in helping customers find your store. However, have you ever thought about using store signage to actually attract prospects to you store? If you really want powerful and effective signs on the windows of your showroom, you must use signs that state your Unique Selling Proposition also called USP and draw cutomers in.

Another place for you to focus on effective store signs that most stores overlook is inside your store. Just because you got a prospect to walk into your showroom does not mean that your job is done. In your showroom, you must have signs that capture the prospects attention and compels them to ask you about it. Limit your signs to three lines and make sure that a customer with average vision (20/20) can read the signs from at least 10 feet away. This will ensure that as customers approach the area, they can read the signs and their curiosity is aroused. If you sign is too small, they may just pass it by.

Make store signs consistent in wording, color, design and size between stores. This makes customer perception higher through consistency. Also, you can save money when printing signs as you order more of the same sign format and benefit from economies of scale. Also, you can exchange signs between stores. This becomes very handy when you open new stores and may need to pull some signs from other stores on a tight schedule.


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